Clinical Revue 2019


It’s astounding, time is fleeting, madness takes its toll. But read this closely, not for very much longer, Clinical Revue’s about to unroll Dammit Janet, Clinical Revue is back again!! It’s going to be raunchier than ever, with more thrills and chills, and yet less skill than the Rocky Horror Picture Show…. we’re sure to make you laugh, cry, gawp, gasp and groan.

Come along to join Brad and Janet’s sensational and sensual journey through medical school, and behold some true theatrical talent and quality humour (for example that was sarcasm). For an erotic nightmare you’ll treasure forever, come to the Riccarton High School hall 7pm on the 19th of July. Bring your friends and family, everyone is welcome (at their own risk). Oh the antici……..pation

You will receive an E-Ticket as soon as your payment is made via POLi.   Please consider the environment and save your ticket to your phone instead of printing.