CMSA Babysitting during COVID-19 Pandemic

Our medical students had the opportunity to get involved in a babysitting service for CDHB staff. This service was utilised by health professionals during the lock-down to allow them to continue working.

We thank Lydia Foley, our welfare executive, for her input in getting this initiative up and running.

Great job everyone – your work was greatly appreciated!  

Easter Baking Competition!

In the lead up to easter, CMSA organised a baking competition for our students to enter. Students had until Easter Sunday to come up with as many forms of easter themed baking as they like! Pictures appeared on the CMSA Instagram page for voting and prizes were up for grabs!  

Congratulations to our winners: Shaun Aindow, Jess Roberts, Jo Parker and Lucy Hepburn!  


MAS Debate

Another success this year with the topic…

‘The Otago Medical School requires all medical students to be enrolled as a subject in at least one clinical trial each year’. 

Congratulations to the STUDENTS this year on their win!! Awesome work guys, we were very proud!



MAS Masterchef!

Congratulations to our Masterchef Winners pictured alongside! 

 1st place – Shelly Li 

 2nd place – Milly Bowen 

 3rd place – Shaun Aindow 

Thank you to those who sponsored this event – specifically MAS and two raw sisters (who donated a beautiful cookbook to the winner). 

MAS is offering information and support for their members during COVID. See the link below for more information. 

CMSA Members on TVNZ!

TVNZ recently ran a segment on the CMSA Babysitting initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Head to TVNZ.CO.NZ to watch CMSA president Dali Fan and member Lachie Watson chat about the initiative. Awesome work guys! 


The Ball!!

Saturday 5 September.

The Tannery is hosting us again this year so look out for ticket sales. 

See you there for another fun night with a live band and great food and drink.